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Hyperconnectivity – modern monitor stands

As we strive to implement best practice for the Network Operations Centre the first major initiative has been kicked off.  Since Fast Ethernet became a commodity it is becoming increasingly cost effective to provide unlimited bandwidth to an engineer’s desk.

At the bleeding edge of technology today at Timico in Newark we made it happen again with the 94 port switched desktop.  Ironically networking equipment is becoming so cost effective that it is now cheaper to double up this kit as monitor stands rather than buy expensive purpose built metalwork that you source from your local office supply company.

Ok I know that the cynical amongst you will decry this as a falsehood.  Of course monitor stands are cheaper but when was the last time you saw a monitor stand doubling up as a network switch.

My only real problem in signing off this minor capital expenditure was the prospect that the two fibre links we have coming into the building will soon be inadequate to support all the extra work that the team says it will be able to get on with now that they have the desktop connectivity.

I am also worried that I won’t be able to give them work fast enough to keep them busy for the whole of their usual 18 hour day. It’s a nice problem to have, as we say in business 🙂

The 96 port switched desktop monitor stand
The 96 port switched desktop monitor stand
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