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Economic stimulation would be a result of universal NGN investment

I’ve been pushing for a more ambitious approach to the roll out of Next Gen Networks in the UK as an essential part of the investment in the future of UK plc.

Thinking about it the Government should also be encouraging investment in key areas of technology development to stimulate the development of services to run on this network. I realise that there is a token effort on the go in the guise of The Technology Strategy Board but we need someting a little more forward thinking.

If we could promote investment in Universities into the development of courses and research around web based technologies then the country would ultimately see the spawning of ideas and businesses in this space.  The combination of the two approaches would be very powerful and once a critical mass was achieved would be self sustaining.

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There are some around the country who have been pushing to get academia involved in the tech development and advances required at both industry and community/citizen level – cyberdoyle springs to mind but is by no means the only one.

We need a change in attitude first though.

The big problem appears to be a failure within academia to even accept that they need to ‘mix and mingle’ with the rest of the world eg commerce and citizens. Worse, as they are ITHO “the great and good”, they won’t accept that there are many at grassroots and cutting edge outside of their ivy covered walls who know as much if not more than those who profess to have learnt all they know purely through study rather than experience.

I approached our local Uni recently about a course they are running on my core skillset. Can I contribute? I know as much about this as anyone and have more years practical experience than almost anyone in the UK. I’d like to help the next generation. “Do you have a degree?” “Nope, but I am a fully qualified adult education teacher, and have 14 years practical experience. The industry only really kicked off in the last 10 years…..” Sorry, all we can offer is that you join the course which costs £x000 and contribute in lectures when and if you get the opportunity.

I’ll get my coat….

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