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BBC piles the pressure on ISPs with internet TV

Channel 4 and Talk Talk have joined Project  Canvas, the BBC’s set top box standardisation effort that already includes the BBC, ITV, BT, Five.

The end goal is to connect the internet to your TV and allow programmes to be streamed over your broadband connection.  The BBC press announcement doesn’t go into schedules but it does talk about offering services that include:

Linear TV (eg Freeview, Freesat) with HD and storage (pause, rewind, record)
Video-on-demand services (eg BBC iPlayer, ITV Player, 40D)
Other internet-based content or services (eg Flickr, Amazon, NHS Direct)

My only point in regurgitating this BBC news is that the time is not so very far away when consumers will have to start factoring the cost of all this downloading.  What is perceived to be a free TV programme is effectively going to become Pay As You Go and the cost of an hour’s watching will be something known to all. I can see kids being given an allocation by their parents just in the same way that they have pre paid mobile phones.

As a footnote my kids have been trying to persuade me to buy them a new 42″ flatscreen LCD TV for the “den”.  I’ve beaten off the assault by saying that we don’t actually have a source of HD video other than their own laptops and PCs.  Even this line of defence looks as if it will only be shortlived.

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One reply on “BBC piles the pressure on ISPs with internet TV”

Ah, but does it really need to be PAYG or is that just continuing the scarcity model to the extreme? Bandwidth is not scarce, and will become abundant as the telcos realise they can make far more profit by encouraging the provision of services such as these rather than throttling them so they won’t work.

I spent nearly an hour last night watching a 1m16s video (of the weather in the US) buffer. I have still only seen 5 secs of it in 1 sec bursts. Telcos should focus on becoming dumb fat pipes and bringing bandwidth to the consumer, instead of making ever more complex business offerings to try to fill their coffers, and failing to deliver on them.

Same old argument, I know, but until we have infrastructure capable of even the most basic services, these pipe dreams of the BBC et al are missing any ‘legs’. (How mixed is that metaphor?! LOL)

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