Radar map showing real time flight information – effect of Icelandic volcano

Live air traffic control radar data as of 7.45am Saturday 17th April. Nothing to do with IP Communications although everything to do with the internet I guess.

An x represents an airport, a plane is a plane. The map shows how the Icelandic volcanic ash cloud is affecting air traffic in Europe – only a few airports in the south are open. Check out what it looks like now here.

photo shows most of airspace in Europe is clear of aircraft due to Iceland volcanic ash cloud
airspace in Europe is clear of aircraft due to Iceland volcanic ash cloud

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  1. I was thinking about this earlier, whilst looking at the empty sky…
    … I remember having to book a telephone call. I remember the ‘operator’. I remember getting a phone in the house, and getting my own line instead of a party line. I remember getting a mobile.
    Now I see us scratting around for bandwidth and not being able to video conference on pi**poor connections and wonder if in my lifetime I will see Next Generation Broadband which will cut down on flying to meetings and enable people to interact in real time without leaving a massive carbon footprint on our planet. http://www.informationisbeautiful.net/2010/planes-or-volcano/ shows the footprint of european flights…
    … bring on the fibre, both moral and optic. Digitalbritain needs men of grit to play the eNdGAme.

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