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Wholesale Broadband Connect Hits 1 Million ADSL2+ Lines in March 2010

Launched two years ago, BT’s Wholesale Broadband Connect pushes past 1 million lines, still a ways to go.

Wholesale Broadband Connect (ie broadband on 21Century Network) was launched by BT two years ago this month. There is always pressure to get new products out in a timely manner and BT is no different though their job is harder because the size of the ship makes for difficult steering.

The first (brave leading edge) service providers started to offer ADSL2+ services based on Wholesale Broadband Connect in the Autumn and by March 09 there were 10k subscribers. At this point BT probably kept quiet about the actual number of customers.

One year later the dial has moved significantly and BT now talks openly about the size of their 21CN estate having broken through the 1 million customer barrier in March 2010. In the intervening year their systems have also improved and fault rates come down to approaching those of the mature 20CN broadband product, ADSL Max.

I realise that we all want every thing faster, better, sooner but progress is being made. Still a long way to go mind…

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4 replies on “Wholesale Broadband Connect Hits 1 Million ADSL2+ Lines in March 2010”

I am on the Hengoed BT exchange in Wales on Sky Broadband (unlimited).

The line here should supposedly only handle upto 5mb download but after pushing Sky with settings on my account for max delays, SNR and other bits i have a synced speed of around 13mb down + 760kb up. I use a ADSL Faceplate and no other hardware is being used in any other phone socket. Only my phone and router in mastersocket.

On the exhange info online it shows BT’s 21cn/WBC product is due to be setup on the exchange by 31/02/10 – i saw this date come then pass – no changes seem to have occured. Are BT behind schedule, or is the info on SAMKNOWS old and useless. Also, will it make any difference anyway as i just want better UP speed and any more DOWN speed would be a bonus.

I see we are on list for FTTC in April 2011…Any one able to tell me answers to this issue? I can tell you my line stats/router stats if this helps?

I’m told that 21cn is now available on the hengoed exchange. if you want to drop me a mail with your phone number to tref at I’ll see what uplink speed you might get.

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