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ISPs to help QCDA combat exam cheats

ISPs have been asked again this year to cooperate with takedown requests by the Qualifications & Curriculum Development Agency (QCDA), which is concerned about the risk of unlawful publication of test questions on the internet.

The QCDA wants ISPA Members to provide them with alternative contact information which would be used to notify an unlawful publication of test materials and to request an emergency take down during the exam period for National Curriculum Tests, which begins on 10th May.

As the father of a son taking his A Levels and daughter taking O Levels (I still can’t get around to calling them GCSEs sorry) I am very supportive of this and will be providing the QCDA with the contact details they need.

Good luck to Tom and Hannah. I now know how my mum and dad felt – it is far more nerve racking having your kids go through the exams than doing it yourself (I’m sure that the memory plays tricks with the passage of time 🙂 ).

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