Smart 421 business process change and Hotel California

Continuing with our season of guest guitarists I present for your entertainment and delight Mr Hugh Hyndman, Solution Architect at change consultancy Smart421. Hugh was in today as part of a team brought in to assist with a major new project upon which we have embarked.

Timico has grown from very small beginnings with four of us in a room at the stables at Langford Hall to a company with around 140 (ish) staff scattered around two main locations – Newark and Fareham, the home of NewNet.

Having bought 4 ISPs en route we find that the processes that sustained us as a small company, ie blood sweat and tears, are no longer good enough to take us to the next level. That isn’t to say we don’t have processes but if we are to double or treble in size over the next few years we need to have the infrastructure to support the growth.

Having been through a couple of business change processes in the past I find this one reassuringly familiar and probably far more exciting, having a personal stake in the outcome and also having seen before the effect of such a project on a business.

Hugh, I am very pleased to say, is one of the more competent guest guitarists we have had in. He gave us a very recognizable rendition of Hotel California. Note the perfect Bm chord (4 strings only).

Hugh Hyndman of Smart 421 plays Hotel California at Timico
Hugh Hyndman of Smart 421 plays Hotel California at Timico

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