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Breakfast, Broadband Speeds and Bandwidth

I got home last night, reopened my laptop, had food (enchiladas) and started working again. 4 hours later at 11.30 after significant online usage I went to bed.

This morning I had a very refreshing cup of tea in bed, opened my laptop again and kept on going. At breakfast I had all bran and a banana which I ate whilst tweeting and then I cracked on again with some work.

A little later, having sussed the problem I had been working on, I downloaded some Open Source software (phplist if anyone is interested) and began to upload it to a test site.

My download speed is 20x my upload speed. The taxi arrived to take me to the railway station before I had finished uploading. I cancelled the upload. There is no way I could continue it on the train due to the bandwidth available.

This is not “a day in the life” of Trefor Davies. It is about broadband speeds. Had I had the bandwidth to upload the phplist plug in a timely manner I could usefully have been working on it during down times when out and about today.

There is an inexorable force driving the demand for faster and faster internet connectivity. Next year 100Mbps down and 30Mbps up will become mainstream to those lucky enough to live in the right (fibrous) areas. In five years I am sure it will be nearer 1Gig.

That’s it – now you know what I have for breakfast.

PS There seems to be a food theme coming into some of my posts. I’ll have to watch out for that  🙂

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