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Pigeon Versus Broadband – Rare Video Footage

This rare video footage was uncovered from the archives this lunchtime when I was looking for some photos to send to the Skegness Standard who want to cover yesterday’s Rory and Tref pigeon versus broadband race.

You will note the firm but fair grip that must be excercised on the racing pigeon prior to launch.

Catch that pigeon! #trefandrory #roryandtref

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just seen this on twitter, had to share here:
#rbc10 RT @rob_bamforth: the broadband beating pigeon was using BTOpenperch? #roryandtref –

BTW the surrogate pigeon went up to rheged on my roofrack, and graced the conference table all day. Rory thought it was a great indicator to raise awareness of the issues we face in Cumbria, and Ed Vaizey had his photo taken with it outside. Dunno who was taking the photos but would love a copy if you can track them down…

the actual hashtag most used for this race was actually #trefandrory, but some have reversed it to #roryandtref, so search on both if you want to follow the timeline.

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