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2,200 properties in the Newark area lose elecric power – communications services OK

2,200 properties in the Newark area have lost elecric power due to a substation failure.  I’m told it will take a couple of hours before “normal service is restored”.

That’s cool.  I can hear the reassuring sounds of the backup generator humming away. Comms are still up but the microwave oven in the kitchen, which is not a key service and therefore not supported on the jenny, has a half cooked meal in it. Customer services are still functioning. 

The biggest concern in “Tech Support” is whether the local McDonalds restaurant has been affected because that is where they were planning to source lunch. My three bean salad with mint dressing is unaffected.

It pays to have a built in resilience – just like we flew two pigeons with MicroSD cards in last week’s stunt.

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