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FTTC Broadband Exchange Rollout Update

Just posted the most recent schedule for FTTC broadband exchanges. It’s a few weeks overdue and the next one seems likely to come out next month but it does add 46 exchanges to the previous list.  Otherwise it is mostly schedule updates.

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New update – Phase 6 details are due Oct 2010, with Phase 7 likely to be Q1 next fiscal – ie April/May/June 2011.

There was a consultation call last week with BTWholesale to obtain input from CPs regarding identifying 6 exchanges to propose back to Openreach as to where fibre should be delivered to. This was restricted to eligible ISP’s, that have supported us with FTTC trials and rollout. This call included an invite to CP’s to influence the rollout up to 6 exchanges.

Unfortunatley whilst eligible I missed it hence not knowing about the next Phase. I think I must have been out racing pigeons! I do have more detailed exchange v cabinet info but I’m not sure it is of any use – the cabinets are numbered but don’t cross refer to postcodes/streets. I’ll see what I can do.

My exchange has been upgraded and CP accepting orders but when I contact my ISP (BT), it would appear the “green cabinet” has not been upgraded but I know others along the main road have. How do I find out when my particular line will be upgraded?

News just in – Openreach are potentially going to announce the next phase (Phase 6) of the FTTC rollout at their regular Trialist Working Group (TWG) which just happens to be Wednesday next week.

If this is the case then I will probably find out on Thursday afternoon. You heard it first on (don’t get too excited though – bird in the hand and all that)


Do you know the name’s of the company’s who install and commission the FTTC Cab’s I know of two, are they the same companies who are installing FTTP/H as well

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