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Phase 6 Exchanges for FTTC Announced by BT

Hot off the press this afternoon is the much awaited schedule for the BT FTTC Phase 6 rollout with exchanges being delivered up to December 2011.  I know this is a hot one for many readers so hopefully your exchange is on the list.

Mine isn’t. I’m thinking of putting a POP into my garage in Lincoln because I don’t like being left out myself 🙂

Anyone interested in hopping on the back of this should register their interest in a comment 🙂

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The choices of FTTP exchanges are… interesting. Cynical too in the way they are targetting i3.

At this rate we’ll have the slowest capacity city in Europe, ONE London exchange getting FTTC/P in this phase and a very small trial in Highams Park, while the less densely populated Manchester, Edinburgh, Liverpool, etc are getting far better coverage.


looking at it you are right – I took the list from BT’s original files pre the announcement so they must have changed it. I’ll update it today – thanks for pointing it out

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