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FTTP Broadband Installation – First Photos of Trials

Photos of BT FTTP broadband installation. Really!

As a participant in the BT Fibre To The Premises  trials I am pleased to bring you pictures of real life fibre installations in action. There is more to a FTTP broadband installation than a traditional ADSL line which utilises existing copper cabling.

There are three splices to be made.  One at the cabinet and two at your premises (inside and out). A splice is traditionally a fairly complex and expensive operation – because of the kit and skill-set required.  However you can see from the photo that today’s equipment is far more portable and thus suited to a mass market rollout when the time is right.  Note you still need a bloke to hold the umbrella 🙂 Presumably there is someone off camera heating up the urn as well :).  Thanks to BT Wholesale for the photos.

FTTP splicing operation
FTTP splicing operation


FTTP fibre cut
FTTP fibre cut


FTTP wall mounting
FTTP wall mounting

3 replies on “FTTP Broadband Installation – First Photos of Trials”

Do hold on the envy – the photos were probably taken in Milton Keynes. There has to be some compensation for living in Milton Keynes 🙂

Lincoln isn’t even a twinkle in the planner’s eye yet. They probably think it is such a beautiful city why would anyone want to spend their time indoors looking at other places on tinterweb.

There are 3 splices to be made, but only 1 at the premesis, the other 2 are are the DP and Splitter Node. There is no splice at the Cabinet, there is no cabinet s involved for FTTP.
In photo 2, titled ” Fibre Cut”, there is no fibre present. What he is holding is the end of a drum of Blown Fibre Tubing. This is pulled up the duct to the premesis from a joint box in the street. The fibre is then blown up the tubing and spliced at the CSP, (customer splice point, at the property). There is no splicing done inside the property. 🙂

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