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IPv4 address range for sale – Nigerian Army Surplus stock

Dear Sir

I am the widow of Major General Ndabeninge Ndabeninge of the Nigerian Army Internet Warfare Division. Before he mysteriously died of a particularly potent computer virus my honourable and most beloved husband was very active in AfriNIC, the African Internet Registry and was able to secure a /8 block of IPv4 addresses for the exclusive use of the Nigerian Armed Services.

Now that he is no longer with us the Nigerian military high command has decided to close down this branch of the service as part of cost cutting measures.  The war against cybercrime here in Nigeria has cost the country dearly – people are no longer falling for the scams. Because of this the block of IPv4 addresses is now surplus to requirements.

IPv4 addresses are about to become a valuable commodity due to the impending exhaustion of the IANA address pool. I have, in a shoe box under our bed, the registration details for this /8 block that my husband so astutely hoarded.  He has taken this knowledge to his grave.  Nobody else in the Nigerian Army would in any case know what to do with them.

From your website I see that you use these IP addresses and would like to offer you the opportunity of buying this valuable block for the sum of $100k dollars cash. If you are interested in this offer please contact me via the email address separately supplied and we can arrange to meet.

Awaiting your prompt response

Mrs Major General Ndabeninga Ndabeninge

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