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Sunday Times/Microsoft Techtrack awards – Timico

Sunday Times/Microsoft Techtrack Awards Timico

On Tuesday night I attended the 10th Annual Sunday Times/Microsoft Techtrack Awards at Vinopolis on the South Bank. This is the fourth year running that Timico has appeared in these rankings – no mean feat as they are based on a 5 year compound annual growth rate. We hit the heady heights of fourth place in our second year on the list.

Couple of points of interest from the evening.  The first was the fact that the net worth of the 100 companies that appeared on the first ever list was £500 million.  This year the list is worth £2.5Bn.

Secondly it was amusing to note that one of the main topics of conversation was EBITDA.  Also every other guest seemed to be a financial adviser! They can keep away from me – I have 4 kids to pay for:)

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