Stop press ipv4 pool down to 2% as 4x /8s allocated in November

The title says it all. I’m travelling at the moment with only an iPad to create posts with but I note on the wire that the IANA address pool is down to 2%.

I will need to revise my exhaustion date but february is either looking good or too late. My main concern is that I need to get the Apocalypse IPv4 party organised but am unclear about the date.

The end of the ipv4 world is nigh :))))

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2 thoughts on “#DEAct event at House of Commons #deappg

  1. cyberdoyle says:

    The whole act is a shambles, written by dinosaurs, and they have been told repeatedly it is going to cost a fortune and not be effective no matter what they do. I sympathise with anyone working hard to sort it out. Good luck.

  2. digecon says:

    Tref thanks for your comments I’ll post what I have been sent by attendees on this next week once I get more feedback from attendees. It’s clear that while some people already know the issues, there is a new demand for information about the deact from a wider audience and more politicians.

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