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Last week I wrote an analysis on the superfast broadband strategy published by Jeremy Hunt. It attracted more comments than any other post I have written in the last three years. I concluded that whilst the published strategy might enable the government to meet its near term objectives it was not necessarily the best thing for UK plc.

Now Barry Forde, the brains behind CLEO, has written a post on that goes into fantastic analytical detail as to why promoting a FTTC based plan is not the right thing to do. Indeed Barry shows that in the medium term it would be the more expensive approach and would lead to continued requests for government handouts.

I can’t better this piece of analysis and suggest you read it here.

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Indeed, it is a fantastic explanation of why public money should not be used to protect the copper cabal. Barry has worked out the costings and the ways of getting a ‘bang for your buck’, so that NGA is delivered for the same cost as patching up the old copper phone network. It is a must read for all county councillors and RDAs.

cyberdoyle – you won’t be surprised that not everyone agrees that BT is patching up the copper element of the existing largely fibre national and international network, please talk to the professionals, not the kitchen table amateurs.

So what should BT be doing? Ask the majority if they want 40M now or 100M in 5 years.

At a recent conference the ‘experts’ could not identify reasons for high speeds. No doubt that for new connections fibre is the (only) answer. Let’s agree that in urban areas the costs of FTTP need significant government funding.

What is this BT cash cow you talk about?

What do the fatcats and shareholders of timico (your words!) think about this?

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