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BT Openreach Broadband Provisioning Lead Times Stretch Out

Broadband provisioning lead times with BT Openreach are currently far outside what we have come to expect over recent years. Typically we have quoted analogue and ISDN2 new installs at 7-10 working days and ISDN30 new installs at 20 working days but in many cases we are now seeing this double and people looking to install new circuits need to be aware of this.

Below is an extract from the weekly service update Provided by BT Openreach which explains the current position.  Note this is working days so 30 days is effectively 6 weeks:

Provision Lead Times

Provision lead times across the country remain high with significant regional variance. The current best case (average) is 4.67 days in Northern Ireland and with a worst case of 30.84 days in Northern England. These are regional averages and further breakdowns by major city are available from the service updates page.

Work continues to attempt to bring the work stack and lead-times down, however the volume of work continues to remain at a very high level at this time.

I’m told that it will still be a few months before we see any significant improvement in the appointment lead times. Openreach is in the process of recruiting more engineering staff to cope.  This is affecting everyone in the industry.

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it were’t wrong kinda snow. and the wrong kinda frost. Bill Murphy mentioned at the Carlisle conference last week that they had major delays due to the weather holding them up. I don’t think it is anything to do with all the redundancies last year. 😉

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