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FTTC Broadband Cabinets – The Inside Scoop! – As Never Seen Before

FTTC cabling under the "manhole"

Yesterday’s post showing new photos of FTTC broadband cabinets prompted a flurry of off-blog communication. The photos are of the the larger FTTC with a capacity for 200 pairs using 4 * 100 pr SMPF connections.

The smaller cabinet has only 2 * 100 pr so has a capacity of 100 pairs. I have been very kindly sent some drive by (walk by) photos of the insides of a smaller cab taken when BT engineers were doing some work. The photos are of both FTTC and PCP cabs showing the cable pairing capacity/wiring loom.

Openreach engineers working at an FTTC cabinet inside a small FTTC cabinet

inside a small FTTC cabinet inside a small FTTC cabinet




FTTC cabinet wiring






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2 replies on “FTTC Broadband Cabinets – The Inside Scoop! – As Never Seen Before”

One thing i don’t understand is why do they have SMPF connections when they still use the old non-FTTC cab? I thought they didn’t reconnect everyone’s to the new FTTC cab?

If they was fibre optic connections instead then i will understand, to make it easier to upgrade to to FTTH…

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