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The language of the XBox Live hack Call of Duty World at War Nazi Zombies

I have spent all my life learning new languages. It began with simultaneous Welsh and English, moved on to French and then on to Fortran, assembler and Basic.

After that came the language of business interspersed with Ethernet, Internet Protocol  and a thick compendium of acronyms long and short pertaining to the world of communications. It continues with social media – tweets, likes, hangouts, circles.

Now I find myself even having to understand the world of online gaming as my youngest son’s Xbox live account has been hacked. He was playing Nazi Zombies on Call of Duty: World at War and received a message on his screen saying “haha you’re dead” or words to that effect. His rank has also been reset and he can no longer play online because he needs to be level1.

Following me so far? I’m sure you are (dudes). Apparently he was in a “modded” lobby and the only thing you can do is send a complaint about the user seemingly doing the hacking and not use this type of lobby. If you find yourself in one by accident get the heck out of there quick via the centre guide button on the controller or turn of the system before the changes can be stored on THEIR servers or you will find yourself neg xp a second time.

You also need to watch out for “infection lobbies” and, for WaW the “God mode mod” where you will see players flying all over the map, who you can not kill no matter how much you shoot them. When you score a kill the score will be incorrect and things may display incorrectly on the HuD, too.

I hope that helps – always happy to provide advice. The only thing I’m not totally clear about is the fact that I think he has now lost the cash he (I) forked out in points to buy the game in the first place.

If I were you I wouldn’t let them play this sort of stuff but I‘m clearly not the best role model. You try dragging a kid away from the screen, innit.




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PS I rang my oldest son to source some additional yoof culture language but unfortunately he was unable to assist – History and Politics at Warwick University seems to drum it out of them. The Nng at the bottom of the post is just my interpretation of teenspeak (otherwise known as grunts) as frequently heard in the Davies household.

Was the game Call of Duty World at War ? It sounds like your lad joined a modded lobby ( the details are all over you tube but a good how to is here )

If you can still access your Xbox Live Gamertag and account data on your Xbox then you may want to use System controls to delete all the game saves and data for COD.

Cash and purchased for the account are locked not to the console but to his Account so if he cleans down his saved game data from the filesystem he can return to the game and use download management to download the items purchased for the game.

If your worried about it further then get in touch with Xbox Live Support on the phone and explain what has occurred.

Good luck


I’m not exactly a fan of Call of Duty online, but I have heard that clearing your cache after being in modded lobbies is essential. People who host modded lobbies are merely playing with J-tagged Xbox 360s usually, and they can’t actually have an effect on your son’s account, gamertag, or anything else stored securely by Microsoft/Activision for that matter. Clearing the cache will mean that he’ll have to install a few updates once he boots the game up again, but everything should be reset to normal (including the strange changes in his game and rank you mentioned).

It’s always worth a shot.


Thanks Tim – not sure this is different to Nik’s comment but I’m a total novice at this one and will check with the 11yr old expert tonight.

we have had the same problem with my son and have been trying to explain to xbox whats been going on.. my son has now been given a ban even though he has done nothing wrong.. and after 3months of trying to tell x box live they have a problem we dont know where else to turn.. we are in the uk…..

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