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Samsung 1TB hard drive for £54!

Samsung1TB external hard driveMy recent post on the pocket cloud was a joke. Today I have taken delivery of a real pocket cloud. It’s a Samsung 2.5inch portable external hard drive and it cost 54 quid! My aging laptop has a 232Gig hard drive that is almost full. That apart it is a perfectly good laptop and I didn’t see the point of getting a new one. I also didn’t want to delete anything and likely start the faff that would be the periodic decision making process on which files to ditch and which to keep.

Problem solved. I am now just moving my least used files onto the external drive.  They will be mostly photos and videos that are also backed up elsewhere.  It is certainly arguable that many of these files are not work related but it is difficult to separate the two lives.  Consumerisation entering the workplace again.

Storage is now so cheap that there is almost no reason for anything to be thrown away ever. Also I think I have become a Samsung fan 🙂view of construction of new Timico datacentre

On a different note our carpark is almost full today. A sure sign that the summer holidays are well and truly behind us. It won’t be long before we are overflowing into the new carpark behind the new data centre build.

Photo is a perspective from the first floor of the Timico HQ building.

PS any bets on when I will fill the TB drive?

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I got a hybrid SSD/Platter drive for my Laptop only to realise later that the designers had stuck the hard drive half-underneath the motherboard. This meant that when you unscrew the HD shield on the bottom the drive itself is actually nowhere to be seen 🙂 , you have to physically take apart the mobo to reach it. Oh excellent design there GigaByte, thanks for that. Needless to say that I chose to send the drive back instead of risking the lappy.

That looks like a nice device and a good price!
Amazon have it for around £66 – where did you get yours from? Did you include VAT?

Just a thought…
I know this isn’t a monetized blog – BUT as you often talk about gadgets that can be bought from Amazon so you could think about adding referral links if you set up an Amazon Associate account.
You could donate the money to charity – I would be happy to buy ‘starting from’ so you got my Amazon fees! I’m an Associate but can’t buy from ‘myself’ as it were – I’m sure plenty of others would be happy to start their Amazon shop from here.
It soon adds up so you could do something worthwhile with it 🙂

Sorry if I’m rambling (more than normal)…

Like moving house to get a bigger garage, then filling it up with more crap. Or trading an overflowing basket of eggs for a larger one. What you get is more eggs in one basket, not a solution. The trick is to swap the disk drive for a smaller one. Then actually decide what you want and what you don’t.

The trouble is people think they can spend their way out of a problem, instead of spending time thinking about the problem causing the trouble.

Google famously provides a budget for a solution, gets the solution, then says “OK, do is for half as much.” I like that much better, don’t you?

You are of course completely right Neil. It could be an interesting analogy to “how tidy is your desk”? A tidy desk represents efficiency and an ordered mind.

Unfortunately my desk isn’t tidy. The paper builds up for six months and then I decide one afternoon that enough is enough and spend time filing. It all invariably ends up in the bin.

For me perhaps having lots of excess storage capacity now equates to having a huge desk that never gets too full of untidy clutter. I may regret it one day when looking for something specific.

When it comes to photos I usually do a collection of “best of” a particular trip or year and those are the ones that get most attention/dropboxed etc. The others are all still there though in the background, on my 1TB drive, on google+, somewhere…

PS you should see our attic! 🙂

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