On the occasion of winning Business of the Year at the Newark Business Awards

To the staff of Timico

Last night we won two categories at the Newark Business Awards: “Excellence in Business” and “Business of the Year”. You couldn’t all come, if for no other reason than there wouldn’t have been room for anyone else if you had. You will though be comforted to know that we had a great night on your behalf and drank the place out of champagne1.

I was quite surprised at how excited I got as they came to announcing the results of our first category – Excellence in Business. Probably not quite the same level of agitation as it would have been had we been up for an Oscar but exciting nevertheless.

This excitement was partly adrenalin from knowing that if we won I would have to get up and say a few words2. It was also the realisation that this was quite an important award to win. You might say this was “only little old Newark” but you would be way off the mark.

Newark and its surrounding districts is where we live and work and many of the people in the audience last night were our friends, customers and partners in business. The recognition that winning this award in our home town brings us is far more important for Timico than winning some national gong. It puts us on the radar locally and as we grow our company it will make it easier for us to attract good quality staff which of course will in turn help us to attract good quality customers. Wins all round.

Being recognised in this way should also attract more local customers our way because local firms want to deal with local people. We shouldn’t underestimate the amount of pride that our community has in our success in business. To be able to point at shiny new buildings/data centres at a time when other areas are struggling to find opportunities for investment and growth lifts everyone.

Then of course for us as individuals it is nice to find people saying “oh you work for Timico do you?” rather than “Timico who?”.

So I have to tell you all that I am pleased to work for Timico and I am pleased to be working with you. We have exciting times ahead. Hard work perhaps but this is a world full of opportunity and I’m sure that the recognition that we received last night will be a real help to us in moving the business forward.


PS thanks very much to the hard work of the folk at the Newark Advertiser for the tremendous organisation. It went really smoothly.

1 not the night of overindulgence this might sound – they only had the one bottle in stock! 🙂

2 for those who know me ok ok I realise that “few” probably understates it 🙂

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