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Education, education, education – the training facility at the new datacentre and NOC

training room at the new Timico data centre and NOC in NewarkEducation, education, education as the old Tony Blair1 mantra had it makes it easier to sell a house  2 ISP services.  The header photo, beautifully artistic I’m sure you will agree, is of the training room on the top floor of the new Timico data centre and NOC in Newark.

This is a highly technical business and there is a huge thirst amongst staff for knowledge and training. They like to be goods at their jobs! 🙂 Last month we held a Cisco CCNA bootcamp. This week we are training the new starters in the telesales teams that are going to be hitting the phones  in the new year taking orders for colo and Virtual Machines in the new data centre.

Looks a little to much like an examination room for me but hey… Note the flexible seating that can fold back into a desk – see encircled example. Cool.

I would say this but the more  I see of the new building the more impressed I am with it. The engineering staff are certainly enjoying their new working environment. If you are looking for a hosting partner that can safely look after your valuable computing resources drop me a line at [email protected] and I will be happy to give you a personal tour.

1 Some of you may not remember Tony Blair – he was the British Prime Minister from 1997 to 2007

2 for the many Estate Agents that read this blog I realise that it’s location, location, location that sells houses – just my little joke  🙂 Actually in many ways selling colocation and hosting is selling real estate so there is some synergy there.


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