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Rook’s off

I recall a Two Ronnies Rook Restaurant sketch Simon Brown is served by Denise at the Beacon Centre in Newarkon TV from when I was a lad. The only thing on the menu was rook and even that was off.

Today we popped over to the caff at the Beacon Centre in Newark for a quick bite. The lady serving there, Denise, is a lovely person – always has a smile on her face. Today felt a little like the Two Ronnies sketch as they were running down stocks for the Christmas shutdown.

I started off ordering a cheese end onion sandwich (my needs are simple). No cheese left sorry. “The soup was good” shouted someone. Sorry soup’s finished. I then went through a list of possibilities until I ended up with a ham sandwich. Whilst it was being prepared I said “with butter please”. Sorry no butter left. Ok mayo then. No mayo either:) I settled for pickle.

It’s a good caff and they bake their own bread which is of outstanding quality. Happy Christmas to Denise, Sharon and all the staff. They deserve the break.

Trefor Davies

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I once booked a table at a restaurant for a large family gathering at Christmas. We were presented with xeroxed menus with numbers in brackets beside each item. That was the number of portions still remaianing the the kitchen. I recall that there were two hamburgers left

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