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Meet Stuart Clark CCNA CCNA (security) CCNP CCIP (service provider) JNCIA #Timico

Stuart Clark - Timico 3rd line engineer gets first Juniper certification

Meet Stuart Clark CCNA, CCNA (security), CCNP, CCIP (service provider), JNCIA and Timico 3rd line engineer extraordinaire. Stuart is one of the tough guys that gets going when the going gets tough 🙂 He is clearly camera struck in the photo but don’t let that put you off – not everybody is a media hussy 🙂

Stuart is into continuous self improvement – as you can see from the list of engineering qualifications he has started to amass. The entry level Juniper cert is his latest examination success and  just a starter for ten in the Junos world. His Cisco certs will have made it relatively easy – more a question of adjusting to how Juniper does things versus Cisco rather than a whole new world to pick up.

Congrats to Stuart for his latest exam pass and actually for being a general good bloke who shows an interest.

Question for you. Stuart didn’t start life as an engineer. His first career was totally different. A fine bottle of La Grille, Sauvignon Blanc 2010 by Franck Chatelain1 goes to the first person who can guess what that first career was – sorry no Timico staff or family members allowed to enter this one 🙂

1 happened to have one in my desk drawer – as you do.

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no right answers yet but good efforts all round – he’s not hard enough to have been a professional rugby player. If he was a UFO hunter he’s keeping quiet about it.

never mind. haven’t seen ken for knocking on 35 years mind you – must make an effort. I’ve got a bottle of red that I can use for another competition so look out for the next megaprize giveaway on 🙂

Aaahh – Steve has it 🙂 I take it you found Ken online? Let me have your postal address and the prize will be on its way tomorrow:)

i shouldn’t have given such an easy clue! 🙂


My understanding is that Stuart was no ordinary hairdresser. – and that he has clipped the locks of many a senior statesman, and celebrity

Maybe a second round should be offered for readers correctly guessing which Right Honourables, (past and present), have had their holidays discussed whilst sitting in SC’s chair.


By the way Stuart tells me that technically he was a barber not a hairdresser. This fine distinction is noted but I will allow the winning entry to stand.

The qualifications required for barbering are of course completely different to hairdressing. For example it is not considered right for a barber to chat about where you went for your holidays – what did you think of the reds’ performance last night would be far more appropriate, although in Stuart’s case OSPF basics were probably also on the list of discussion points. If they but realised it footballers would do well to implement OSPF principles 🙂

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