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I read the news today oh boy – a day in the life

I read the news today oh boy - photo taken whilst filming in my conservatoryIt’s been another busy day in the internet game. It’s a modern day great game really, full of intrigue, suspicion and plot. Cat and mouse, combatants fighting it out for world domination etc etc you know what I mean.

In the days of the actual great game it would take a long time, weeks maybe for news to filter back from the frontier. These days it is mostly virtual and we hear about it in real time, or mostly so. The battle field is also virtual though people can still get hurt.

I spent much of the day talking about the modern great game, had I but realised. This is the leak that the government plans to include the tracking of some of our communications in the next Queen’s speech. Because this is my blog and I have total control over editorial policy I’m going to tell you about my day.

7am  turn up at BBC Lincolnshire in readiness for Radio4 Today programme interview at 07.10. The Beeb person tells me they have already been calling to see if I have arrived yet but I am bang on time so they needn’t have worried and I only live around the corner

7.10 do interview with Evan Davies but not totally sure if it was him as I was in a zone.  Stay on the line for chat with Nicky Campbell on 5Live.

7.25 ish – 5Live chat

switch phone out of airplane mode and get flood of texts from mates (3) telling me they had heard me.

Back into green room (BBC Lincs reception) to wait for chat with Rod Whiting on BBC Lincs breakfast show at 7.50. In the meantime get text from Elisa asking if I can do a 7.40 for BBC London. I call her and they have found  another news item to run with because they ran out of time. No probs.

7.50 do my stuff with Rod and head home for 3Ss.

Call dentist to arrange time for him to fix aching tooth!

On my way into the office get call from BBC Hereford & Worcester asking if I can join a phone in. Phone rings as I get to my desk and I chew fat with a presenter and another caller.

Fire up Windows 7 and find I have 20 – 30 new twitter followers – now well on my way to the first million followers. Start copy on wireless data connectivity for Comms Business Magazine – deadline is today.

Twitter DM from the Telegraph wondering whether I might slip em 500 words or so and how quickly could I get it to them? 11.30 I say because that is when I have to leave to see a potential new business partner back in Lincoln.

In the meantime contacted by ISPA asking if I can talk to BBC News website.

11.00am fit in 10 mins chat with BBC News reporter. Fire off Telegraph copy for 11.30 and set off to customer. Turn phone on to silent.

1.00pm finish chat with customer and take phone off silent as I get into car. Notice voicemail and missed calls. It’s the Guardian. Can I do podcast in 20mins on 4G? Ok

1.30 am home and have nice chat with Aleks Krotosky and Charles Arthur on riding around London on the top deck of a Number 25 bus looking for 4G connectivity. Finish off with some spiel on the subject of the day.

On my way to Mr Tyre to get new front tyres for the Jeep the phone goes again – can I do an ITN interview? 2.30 sitting in McDonalds waiting for the car to be sorted and Monica from ITN calls to arrange for film crew to swing by. Turns out film crew is based in Lincoln so convenient all round (it’s a happening spot you know, Lincoln).

4pm ITN crew (of one) turns up at the house having turned down offer to drive to Newark to get uber cool view of  NOC in background.

Do ITN filming with excited kids in background – it’s the Easter Holidays. Photo inset is courtesy of daughter 🙂 Wife is really pleased as she has been pestering us kids to tidy up the conservatory for weeks. We hurriedly did this just before ITN arrived.

Wave goodbye to ITN guy & sit down to finish off Comms Business stuff. Emails come in from Sun newspaper and BBC Newsnight asking if I can call them. Answer in order they came in. Spend time chatting to Sun reporter then call Elena from Newsnight. I’m too late. They’ve pulled the item because something else has come in – very secretive about it. No worries though it would have been nice to finish off with Newsnight.

Sit down to finish Comms Biz copy and dispatch via email which, I’m pretty sure, is not currently being monitored.

Switch on television to give it time to warm up and gather round the set with family to watch ITV news. No sign of article with me in it but the trailer at the end tells me it is coming on the 10 o’clock edition. Another late night then.

Eat dinner, write this blog post and, stop!

I read the news today oh boy – a day in the life. It’s a great game.

Dentist tomorrow…



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Dave you mean? I’m already a government adviser on IPv6 and am on the ICO Technology Reference panel – that the sort of thing you mean? 🙂

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