word on the street is that the govt is pulling the “surveillance” aspect of the Queen’s speech

Just heard that apparently the government is considering pulling the “snooping” bit of the Queen’s speech. Been told it is on the Times website which I can’t access. I’ll pass on more as I get it but it will also be on all the major news sites. Others feel the need to verify but I think this one is worth taking a punt on.

BBC is currently trying to validate this but if it is true then it is a major victory for common sense.

If what I say is all boloney then I’ll delete this post – I have the power :)

19.00 hrs – latest news from the Beeb suggests they aren’t pulling it but taking the foot off the gas a bit. Prepare for political wheezle words.

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5 thoughts on “what price a taxi? – charge what you like courtesy of Vodafone

  1. cyberdoyle says:

    wonder how many forget to unplug the phone when they dash off to catch the train or get into work? I know I would. But agree, great idea!

  2. Since the charging interface in many phones is also a data interface I wonder how hard it would be to hack the phones put in there to charge…

  3. Kaiser Chief says:

    Good point Blessing! Most of these phones will be an easy target for hacking. But correct me if I’m wrong, the Iphone (at least the 4) won’t allow you to sync if the screen is locked, so it will only be restricted to charging – which would be cool. Trouble is, people will tend to use the phone while it’s charging, thereby unlocking (and potentially) exposing it.
    Still, a brilliant idea from Vodafone!
    By the way, when is the univesal charger thingy kicking in?

  4. Yes, it’s already an issue, James (see No reason not to have chargers in cabs though IMO. People just need to be aware – as with card-skimming devices attached to cashpoints and point-of-sale machines – what to look out for (bulging wires, makeshift-looking protruberences, etc – although some can appear very professional). Perhaps operators should display a photo of what the charge point should look like and instruct potential users not to attach their device and to call a hotline number if the charge point doesn’t look exactly like the picture. Better, this should be displayed on the LCD advertising screen now common in black cabs so the hacker couldn’t overlay the original photo with a doctored version showing the hacked equipment.

  5. …oh, and fit the things with anti-tamper mechanisms too.

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