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Consumer Advice Bureau – Asian branch

Just took a call from a mobile number on my mobile. It was an Indian sounding lady representing the Consumer Advice Bureau. She wasn’t trying to take money off me or sell me anything or any scam like that which is a nice change. So many of these cold calls are from dodgy sources.

Anyway she was calling to advise me that I could save 70% on any payments I made on unsecured loans thanks to new government legislation. Yay.  She didn’t exactly call at the right time as I was in the middle of cooking a burger (grilled not fried – new diet) and as soon as I answered one of the kids started his very loud trumpet practice. There is only one volume for trumpet practice.  Then as I was shutting the door the smoke alarm went off as well – what a noisy place it was!

The lady on the end of the phone was very patient with me whilst I got things quietened down. She was very nice.  I had a bit of a chat with her but unfortunately she didn’t want to talk after I slipped in to the conversation that I didn’t have any unsecured loans. She probably wanted to call someone else to see if she could help them – tell them the good news. It almost made me feel like rushing out to get an unsecured loan so that I could save 70% on the payments – sounds like a good wheeze. In the end it was good timing for her to ring off  as my burger was ready.

Bon appetit…


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