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The joys of travel – #LINX77

another bout of delays on the East Coast line

Today I’m headed for LINX77 in Laandan. if you’ve never been you need to go, assuming you are in the networks game. It’s a great opportunity to meet people – network actually.

To get to Laandan I have to catch a train. Driving into Central Laandan isn’t practical. This morning I worked from home first thing and caught the 11.35 from Lincoln Central, due to connect with the 12.16 from Newark.

I had plenty of time when I got to Newark. A train pulled in. Apparently it was the 9.06, running a smidgeon late. Uhoh! I don’t know whether I’ve ever told you but me dear old mam is from Mohil, County Leitrim and one thing she has passed on to me, apart from a love of (warm) Guinness is a bit of the “luck o’ the Irish”.

Click on the header to reveal more. A train pulled in (very late) at exactly the time mine was meant to arrive. By this time they had removed all ticket restrictions – because I’m tight I usually by advanced purchase tickets valid only on specific trains . So not only did I catch a train on time but whilst most carriages had them standing in the aisles I got into one with a spare aisle seat at a table with a free power socket. How good is that?

Now I’m en route to town and thinking if you are travelling South for the Olympics in August I’d leave a huge amount of contingency time if I were you. It also made me wonder whether there would ever be a time when people didn’t travel on business because video conferencing was so good. Lots of people watch the LINX meetings online. However no matter how good the conferencing solution it is never going to replace being there in person – and I’m not talking about the Guinness at the LINX socials – I’m talking about the opportunity to meet other ISPs and compare notes 🙂

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