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Storage needs on the up

I did some backing up last night. As well as using Google+ for photos I store them on two hard drives kept at separate locations – one at home and one in the office.

The drive at home is 500GBytes and only has a few tens of gigs of space left. The one at work is a TeraByte palm drive and has plenty of room on it.

You may have noticed a bit of a theme to posts in recent weeks/months relating to the growth in storage requirements based on people taking more and more photos. As my home drive was starting to fill up I thought I’d revisit my usage pattern (if that’s the right way of putting it).

The chart below shows the amount of storage needed for photos and videos on a year by year basis. The early years are just noise. 2007 looks like a bit of an aberration – a rush of blood/new camera/special occasion maybe.

From there on there is a definite trend appearing. Remember that we are only half way through 2012 and I haven’t had my summer holiday yet. I am using the same camera technology thisyear as last with the exception that the Galaxy S3 has the burst mode which is naturally going to generate more Bytes.

Trefor Davies' growth in storage requirements for photos and videos

Trefor Davies

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6 replies on “Storage needs on the up”

I spend a lot of time telling people you can’t have too many backups!
How are you taking yours? Many people think you have to copy/paste your data!

But for incremental and/or cycled backups I can highly recommend the Free version of SyncBack software:

Simple to setup and then no one has an excuse not to backup to an external HDD, networked PC or even to an FTP address, all with just a couple of clicks!

You really need to backup everyday! 🙂
That HDD *WILL* fail, it’s just when…!

SyncBack looks for all your new or modified files (or it can be run via a schedule).

I’ve nothing to do with SyncBack apart from being a long time fan.
I’m very happy with the free version but a number of my clients have been so impressed with it they wanted to upgrade to the paid version as they were so happy!

2007 was good compared to 2008. Isn’t it? I also used to wonder like in a year, if my activity on Photos is good, then the next year will be less comparatively. compared to 2003, 2008 itself is better. LOL.

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