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A big thank you to Sam

Took the family to Zizzi in Lincoln last night to celebrate daughter’s last night at home before heading to University for the first time. Food was good though they seemed to be a little understaffed.

Anyway in the multi-storey car park next to the restaurant, on the Brayford in Lincoln for those who know the place, I dug out some coins for the pay and display machine. I needed £2.50 and blow me down if I didn’t only have £2.30.

As I was stood there, staring at coins in outstretched hand, (I’m painting a picture here) considering my options along came a chap with his girlfriend off on a night out.

Without my having said anything he asked how much we were short and promptly came up with the twenty pence. “I’ve been in the same situation myself” he said. His name was Sam.

Sam, thanks very much for being a great bloke. If I can ever do anything to help you I hope I can do it before you have to ask.

Trefor Davies

By Trefor Davies

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It’s extraordinary sometimes, the kindness of strangers. a few weeks ago at EMFCamp we’d visited Tesco to get some charcoal for the BBQs and didn’t have a spare quid for the trolleys…and a total stranger gave us her pound fresh from trolley..not lent, not change, just gave us a quid. So we could use a trolley.

Thank you, whoever you were.

About time car parking was priced per minute, throw in what you got and press the button – tickets says when you have to leave. Simples. Fed up of £1.10 and similar nonsense fees.

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