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I took a look at my router yesterday, as you do, and counted 14 devices connected over WiFi and 4 over Ethernet.

WiFi included 4PCs/laptops, printer, 4 android phones, iPod, iPhone and iPad. Ethernet included my laptop, a VoIP phone and a couple of homeplug devices that hook up the XBox.

That’s not SoHo. That’s a small business. We certainly have the overheads:)

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  1. Trefor Davies


  1. in my small flat;

    1.Router/Wifi AP
    2.Managed switch
    3.ESXi box console/main IP
    4.Windows VM on ESXi box
    5.Linux VM on ESXi box
    6. Main Windows PC
    7. Windows Laptop
    8. My Android Phone
    9. Wife’s Android Phone
    10. Nexus 7
    11. Wife’s Netbook
    12. Media player box attached to TV
    13 and 14. Pair of small Network attached Storage boxes (DLink Sharecenter)
    15. Satellite tuner box
    16. Xbox360
    17. Cisco 7960

  2. 19 if I can count correctly..

    Apple Airport Extreme
    Apple TV x2
    Devolo Homeplug x3
    Devolo Homeplug WiFi AP
    Gigaset IP DECT base station
    Samsung Bluray/DVD player
    Cloud TC Glass 1000
    Yealink T32G
    Macbook Air
    Mac Pro
    Macbook Pro
    iPhone 4S
    iPhone 5
    HTC Android Phone

  3. Btw I’m not sure the raspberry pi was on my list.I’m in London now so it will have to wait & by the time I get home I will have missed the moment:)

  4. Beats my 16!
    Two (Homebuilt) PCs.
    Samsung Notebook RV511
    Samsung Galaxy Tab (x2)
    Samsung Galaxy Note
    Samsung Galaxy S2
    Epson Photo PX710W
    Two Tvs (32″, 37″ Samsungs).
    SkyTV Box.
    Network Storage.
    Glorified Switch (Cisco E4200)
    Router (Netgear N600)

    We like Samsung in our house apparently.

  5. Think I can beat that! wired the house up with 4 x cat5e’s to every room, plus 2 x coax. All these go back to under the stairs (bit of a mess): http://www.natmorris.co.uk/understairs.jpg

    – EFM CPE (2 pair copper, 11mbit symmetrical)
    – Cisco 1841
    – Procurve fanless switch
    – Outside IP camera
    – Dog feeder nanode http://www.natmorris.co.uk/feeder1.jpg
    – Feeder IP camera 1
    – Feeder IP camera 2
    – House monitoring nanode (temperatures, doors etc)
    – 3 x Cisco 1042N access points
    – 2 x VMWare ESXi host
    – PAP2T VoIP ATA (we dont have any PSTN lines, ported our home number to AQL)
    – 4 x RaspberryPi’s
    – Samsung TV
    – Samsung Galaxy S2
    – Samsung NC10
    – Macbook Air
    – Kindle
    – XBox360
    – Wii

    All on real public v4+v6 IPs, not natting here. Plus my lab network in the loft, about 25 x 3750’s, bunch of 7206’s, some Cisco WLCs, around 100 APs, few 2940 fanless switches and more servers. http://www.natmorris.co.uk/office_stuff.jpg

  6. I think I’ll chuck in a Timico mug for the person with the longest list of home networked devices. C’mon lets keep em coming 🙂

  7. btw in case Nat’s network puts others off from entering I’ll chuck in a pen each for 2nd and 3rd places (or you can have a mug – no problemo #whybestingy)

  8. 23..

    Panasonic Smart TV
    Panasonic Smart TV (Upstairs)
    Blu-ray player
    Sky+ HD Box
    Xbox 360
    3x Laptop
    HTC Desire HD
    2x HTC Desire
    Blackberry Bold 9600
    Blackberry Torch
    2x Netgear router
    3x Netgear Powerline

  9. No wonder the electricity bill’s so high:


    1. My laptop
    2. Wife’s laptop
    3 & 4. Kids’ laptops
    5 & 6. 2 x PS3’s
    7. Seagate NAS drive
    8. My smartphone
    9. Wife’s smartphone
    10 & 11. Kids’ smartphones
    12. Billion BiPAC 7800N router
    13. Dell Mini Notepad PC.
    14. Canon Pixma Wireless Printer
    15. Epson BX635FWD Multi-Function Printer
    16. iPad 3
    17. PSP


    18, 19, 20 & 21. 4 TP-Link Powerline Ethernet Adapters
    22. Netgear WPN802 Wireless Access Point
    23 & 24. 2 x Samsung Bluray Players
    25. Humax Freesat PVR
    26. Humax Freeview PVR
    27. Netgear 8 Port Switch
    28. Dell Windows Desktop PC

  10. in my house, 2x netgear DM111Pv2 1x netgear FVS336G, netgear GS108T, netgear GS605, netgear WNAP210, netgear WNDAP350, 1xwinserver 2008, 1x sbsserver2011, 2x desktop, 2xlaptop, sony ps3, xbox360, skyhd 1tb box, Samsung Blu-ray player, 2x iphones

  11. Ethernet

    1.OKI network printer
    2.Sky+ PVR
    3.Vodafone SureSignal
    4.Panasonic IP Camera
    5.XP Home Server
    6.XP C++ Visual Studio machine
    7.Windows 7 main daily use laptop
    8.The beast dual quad Windows 7 machine for true heavy duty work
    9.Sky router
    10.Fritzbox 7390 ADSL2+ router
    11. Sony PS3 console
    12. Microsoft XBox 360 console
    13. 8 port Gigabit switch
    14. 5 port Gigabit switch
    15. 5 port 10/100 switch

    16. iPhone 5
    17.Samsung Galaxy SII
    18.Asus Transformer Prime tablet
    19.Mac Book Air

    In house but not used often
    17. Old laptop 1 – used occassionally
    18. Old laptop 2 – not used for 6 months+
    19. Old server PC
    20. Devolo AV 500 Home Plugs x 2
    21. Echobox Ethernet coax boxes x 2

    Dare not count all the variety of other devices from reviews, which are used for testing review hardware.

  12. hmm had to think about this. (and yes I replace my telly often)

    1x Panasonic VT65 Plasma TV
    1x Panasonic VT 50 plasma tv
    1x Panasonic GT50 plasma TV
    2 sky hd boxes.
    2 Xbox 360
    PS2 with Ethernet port
    2 PS3s
    1 WII
    1 GameCube
    1 dreamcast (with LAN port!)
    2 Marantz IP enabled amplifiers
    Creston IP controller
    X10 home controller
    Valiant Boiler system
    2 Mac Mini’s running Plex
    Apple TV used to do screen mirror
    Alienware m14x with WIHD
    vizio WiHD receiver
    2 iPads
    3 iPhones
    retina MacBook
    Sony laptop
    Sager gaming laptop
    wifi picture frame
    2 Cisco IP Phones
    BMW M3 (I stream music from home network to the car over 3G 🙂 ok so it’s a stretch 🙂
    echostar sling enabled FreesatHD pvr
    BT vision box
    BT Homehub 3
    youview box
    8 Y-Cam HD Bullet cams
    2 D-Link DES-1210-28P POE switches
    3 Cisco 1140 wireless aps
    1x netgear wireless ac router (just got it 🙂
    qnap 879 pro 16TB storage system
    IP enabled treadmill (wife’s)
    PS Vita and PSP
    HP Photosmart printer.
    wife’s kindle

    test network kit:
    Cisco 7507
    Cisco AGS+
    Three Cisco 887’s, 2 juniper SRX’s
    more duff adsl routers than you can shake a stick at.
    couple of old dell servers.

    probably more I’ve forgotten about!

  13. I know I’m not going to win. Just wanted to beat Tref

    Main PC
    Home Laptop
    Home Netbook
    Work Laptop
    Home Ipad
    Work Ipad
    Wife’s iphone
    My iphone
    Daughters Android phone
    Sons ipod touch
    Squeezebox in kitchen
    Squeezebox in living room
    2 TVs
    Sky+ PVR
    Virginmedia Router
    Dongle (in a drawer somewhere)

  14. Nice idea Trefor! here’s my list:

    House is flood wired with 1 x CAT5e to every room (done in 2000)
    I have 19″ rails in a custom made wooden cab in my office

    16 port 100Mbs SMC switch (11 years old!)
    Netgear DSL router with Wifi
    Tenda Wifi Router (repeater at other end of house)
    Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1
    Samsung Galaxy Ace
    Samsung Galaxy Y
    Samsung Galaxy S3
    Samsung LC40… Internet connected TV
    HP Touchpad
    Internet Connected Wii
    3 x home built desktop PCs (Ubuntu)
    2 x laptops (Ubuntu)
    1 x home-built server (VIA c7 low power, Ubuntu, with 3TB of storage on 24/7)
    1 x Raspberry Pi
    1 x Nanode (Arduino type device)
    1 x Apple iPod Touch
    1 x Siemens Gigaset DECT Base Station (SIP & PSTN)

  15. Fair point but I really needed the extra item. I’ll have to nip into PC World on the way home to buy the network printer I keep promising myself.

  16. Long count. All on v4 real Ips and a lot on 24/7!
    1. Router – netgear
    2. PSP
    3. Wii
    4. PS3
    5. XBMC laptop
    6. UPS management card for APC 1500RN
    7. Server vm host
    8. Main Linux mail/voip vm( Pegasus)
    9. Web server dev VM ( Apollo )
    10. L2tp. Tunnel endpoint Vm ( Starbuck )
    11. Main w7 gaming pc ( galactica )
    12. Netbook
    13. iPhone 4S. ( mine )
    14. iPhone 4S. ( wife)
    15. Work laptop
    16. Linksys spa 3000 for dect handsets and landline failover
    17. Sipura 190 handset for office
    18. Wifes iPad

    Quite scarey really all these devices isn’t it – all of above are used almost daily.

  17. Why has my comment not been published yet? It claimed that it should be on after refreshing the page unless it needed reviewing, but it’s been 19 hours since I posted it?

  18. Hmm Scott. Took a look and it was held in the spam folder.Sorry about that. No idea why. It should be showing now.Thanks for the comment. It is certainly appreciated.

  19. It’s quite scary. I’ve just been checking and if you include the router, which seems reasonable since it does have an IP address, there are 18 devices for a household of three people. The router reserves IP addresses for :

    Two Printers
    One iMac
    Two laptops
    IP Telephone box
    Three smartphones
    Two iPods
    One iPad
    Blu Ray Player

    There are a couple of other things that could be hooked up but generally aren’t so I haven’t included them in the list.

    Ten years ago when we first moved in we had a PC and a laptop. One or the other could dial up to the internet. Broadband arrived quite soon and a router wasn’t far behind. Things have really taken off in the last couple of years after FTTP became available.

  20. Wow, I hadn’t kept up with this thread and hadn’t realised it had turned into a Competition!

    I’d have made up random ESXi hosts if I thought it’d have helped 🙂

    That’s probably quite unfair though. I do question the including of Homeplug adapters and a presumably unmanaged 8-port Netgear switch…I think if it doesn’t have a MAC address of it’s own, it shouldn’t count.

    1. Phil, you are of course right and I don’t think I included the switch in my own list. However fact is everybody is getting a prize so I don’t think it really matters. You’ve all done very well (says he in shaky old voice)

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