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social networking participation on – clicks wanted :)

social network sharing on the blogIt’s interesting to see that reader engagement on this blog is increasing and that people are starting to use social networking share buttons more.

However a post that attracts a lot of Facebook “Likes” doesn’t necessarily get many LinkedIn “Shares” and so on. A quick scan over the last months or so worth of posts shows that the most shares each social network has had for any given post is as follows:

Linked In Shares 24
Tweets 18
Facebook Likes 22
G+ 3

Google Plus is still clearly low down in terms of people using it. I was surprised that LinkedIn comes out top though I don’t think I should have been – after all Timico is a supplier of business services and presumably this reflects some proportion of the readership being either customers or people from the same industry. Pinterest scores are not gathered but I’d bet the number of “pins” is low.

As a bit of an experiment can readers please click on one of the social network buttons? Just choose the network you use most. No prizes here and nothing to be gained by clicking more than once but I’ll leave this post at the top for a day or two to see what the results look like.



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One reply on “social networking participation on – clicks wanted :)”

No particularly interesting revelations out of that experiment then. 10 tweets, 8 G+, 7 Facebook likes and 4 linked in shares. Ah well. Moving on…

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