Superfast broadband video case study by Timico and Openreach

superfast broadband video case study camera

Superfast broadband video case study

Never before seen footage of the inside of the Davies household now viewable on tinterweb.”

This is it, the video you’ve all been waiting for. Well I have anyway. A few weeks ago we shot some footage around and about Lincoln and chez Davies for a video case study of a Fibre To The Cabinet (FTTC) aka superfast fibre broadband installation.

Get your popcorn and fizzy drinks ready and settle in to your favourite armchair to watch this much anticipated movie. I don’t have an agent yet but if any major studios are interested in talking then you know how to get hold of me.

That’s all folks 🙂

Link to what BT has on their website

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  1. Tref, lucky that you only had to wait 6 months for FTTC! “My” cabinet finally arrived a year after the original Openreach estimate with no conservation area to hold it up. What router are you running there? I note it isn’t the usual BT Home Hub 3, which has a number of flaws including stability, security issues and problems with the GigE port only working at 100Mb/s.

  2. Trefor Davies tref

    It’s a Technicolor router TG582n

  3. Tref, any chance of a video that focuses more on the FTTC installation work at the cabinet and at your master socket? Not that I don’t like to watch you spin the many benefits of faster connectivity :), but as a techy I just like to see the actual process from start to finish.

    We don’t have any videos that depict both sides of this process taking place, and in a logical sequence, which would have been very informative.

    1. Trefor Davies tref

      I have got a load of other bits of video that might include some useful material like that. We shot a few hours worth altogether. Will plough through it and see if there is anything of use.

  4. Simon

    That doesn’t seem like fibre broadband at all if you’re only getting 53Mbps, it sounds like rate adaptive VDSL2 to me.

    It’s only a fibre connection when it’s an optical bearer the whole way (passive or active, but having a huge enough distance of copper in the circuit to drop the speed down to a paltry 53Mbps is really not fibre optic at all).

    1. Trefor Davies tref

      I realise that really.just sticking with common usage borne out of millions of pounds spent conning the public at large.

  5. Dear Trefor,
    I was browsing some websites on the histories of some Carmarthenshire families & came across yours. I notice that our family trees overlap, with Donald Jones being a cousin of my father.

    Here is the link to my family tree:

    (you may have to copy & paste)

    This is very much “work in progress” as with any work of this nature.

    By the way, I simply Googled your name from the genealogy site and arrived at this page!

    All the best,

    West Wales.

    1. Trefor Davies tref

      Diolch yn fawr Meirion. A somewhat unusual route in but hey…

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