Superfast broadband video case study by Timico and Openreach

superfast broadband video case study camera

Superfast broadband video case study

Never before seen footage of the inside of the Davies household now viewable on tinterweb.”

This is it, the video you’ve all been waiting for. Well I have anyway. A few weeks ago we shot some footage around and about Lincoln and chez Davies for a video case study of a Fibre To The Cabinet (FTTC) aka superfast fibre broadband installation.

Get your popcorn and fizzy drinks ready and settle in to your favourite armchair to watch this much anticipated movie. I don’t have an agent yet but if any major studios are interested in talking then you know how to get hold of me.

That’s all folks :)

Link to what BT has on their website

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6 thoughts on “Jordan Watson man of action

  1. Phil Veale says:

    Have you ever wondered what the person on the end of the phone is wearing, when you dial technical support? You will now.

    NB. I can beat this, but there’s no way in hell I’m telling you how.

  2. Big Evil says:

    Come on Tref – let’s see you in one of these!


  3. kitsune says:

    It’s a ‘onesie’, not a onzer!

  4. Trefor Davies tref says:

    Yea, well, ok. :)

  5. StephenC says:

    Does that one have a “Hatch”….:)

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