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The complex weave of the modern IT world

Cisco certificationsCisco, as you may know, has introduced a new set of professional technical certifications based around the data centre. This is a natural move. Cisco already has Voice, Security, Routing and Switching and Design certification streams and the Data Centre is a big part of its future.

At Timico we use a Cisco data centre fabric with UCS blades running on top of EMC storage. On that infrastructure we run VMware. We also run Microsoft applications, use Cisco at the Edge of the network and Juniper in the core. Most of our ISP server estate is Linux based.

That’s an exciting technology mix. It’s also a lot of areas of specialisation and not only are our engineers often doing training courses but we are always on the lookout for specific talent, especially in the virtualisation world.

Where is this conversation leading. I guess I’m concluding that it will be increasingly the case that our customers will not have the right mix of skills in these technology areas to be able to effectively develop solutions for their own business. The role of an IT department, apart from servicing their own stakeholders, will be more and more strategic focusing on the selection management of their supplier partners.

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These are nice exams – Cisco is now introducing a few two track Associate level exam that require no prerequisites. Meaning students/exam takers can jump right in on these exam, unlike other Cisco Associate level exams where you need a valid CCNA. These two track exam material does overlap with some CCNA topics though – in the part one of the exams.

Sadly the course material is some what lacking and there is no exam and the only link om Cisco’s webpage is the link to their own training course. Self study is going to be a bit harder for these exams. Although the CCIE DC pages does have a recommended reading list –

I think i will do this track end to end once the CCIE RS is done next year.


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