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5 thoughts on “Why adjacency matters

  1. Phil Veale says:

    Impressive to see Timico coming in at 10th, I was wondering if the full top 50 or so is public and if so where is it published?

  2. Rob Wilmot says:

    Great post Tref

    Reminds me of setting up Planet Online in the mid nineties when BT put up a protest against a unheard of business-to-business internet company having he audacity to apply for peering agreements at LINX.

    You are completely right that it is a world-wide community of dedicated techies that are not often thanked for creating and maintaining global network – and all based on good will!

  3. Trefor Davies tref says:

    Thanks Phil. It’s on the Hurricane Electric website somewhere.

  4. Trefor Davies tref says:

    Thanks Rob. About time we had a cup of tea.

  5. Gary Hough says:

    Good post Tref, indeed.

    My old sig file used to be “The internet is a global connection of single points of failure.” Ironically I made that up after a visit to Planet Online in the Whitehouse, Leeds :-)

    Unsung heroes Network engineers.


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