BBC Radio Lincolnshire New Year’s Day – tech trends for 2013

Trefor DaviesHi folks. Thought you might like to know I’m appearing on BBC Radio Lincolnshire just after 11am on New Year’s Day1. Chatting with William Wright about what to look out for technology wise in 2013 (bigger faster better ?!!).

Worth getting up for I’d say, ahem. Will be on air for 30 minutes or so. whaddaya think I should be talking about?

Assuming you have surfaced by then and eagerly want to tune in the link will be here.

1 for the avoidance of doubt that’s the first of January. For our American friends that’s 1/1/2013 as opposed to 1/1/2013 – note day/month reversal.

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One thought on “BBC Radio Lincolnshire New Year’s Day – tech trends for 2013

  1. Ted K. says:

    Cute reversal. Some of us prefer “dd mon yyyy” (e.g. 1 Jan 2013) or ISO’s “yyyy-mm-dd” (e.g. 2013-01-01).
    Brain bending through date processing a la databases (Oracle’s PL/SQL) :

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