242GHz processor with 767GB RAM? oh ok

john milner - top timico applications engineer
Here at Timico’s Newark datacentre we have just expanded our main VMware cluster with a couple more Cisco UCS B200 blade servers (see earlier post ). The cluster is now running at a whooping 242Ghz of Compute power with 767.51GB of RAM! Impressive ou quoi?

It’s a bit mind blowing if your experience with buying computers is based on time spent in PC World staring at specifications trying to decide whether to pay the extra few quid for 2GB more RAM and a slightly faster processor.

This is just one of the many virtualisation clusters needed to run an ISP and another step forward in Timico’s P2V campaign – onwards and upwards. In fact it’s onwards and downwards when it comes to things like data storage space colocation rackspace, power and of course cost. On the back of this work we have just been able to cancel two cages in Docklands datacentres which will save us £100k a year. That’s significant. That’s half a million quid over five years – that’s very significant.

Virtualisation is allowing us to better manage and control our systems so we can always provide the best possible performance to the services we offer. If you’re a Timico customer you may have noticed the improved performance on services such as hosted web and email.  This is because these services have been virtualised with the accompanying improvement in performance.

Gimme a shout if you want to chat more about this or to come and see it in action for yourself. Info courtesy of that fine engineer John Milner again :)) (sorry if this is embarrassing John but you are a good guy :) ). Check out the Enterprise Private cloud page at Timico.

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3 thoughts on “A stroll through the Lincolnshire countryside with Nokia Lumia 920 and Samsung Galaxy S3

  1. says:

    Thanks, Tref. Your Nokia Lumia 920 versus Samsung Galaxy S3 study is quite timely for me as in the Spring I plan to move from my iPhone 4 to one of those two devices (or to the Nexus 4). I will be very glad for your insight and experience as you take these two phones through their paces.

    1. Trefor Davies tref says:

      watch this space:)

  2. The fishing Gardener says:

    Your village sign was obviously hit by something quite big judging by the tracks that it left behind!…..

    maybe one of your large Pea Picking machines that you have featured here before!.

    Either that or the careful residents of Eetwell Village needed a new sign for theirs, and saw their opportunity that a carefully judged ram-raid at speed would give them. Clearly they didn’t need the pole!


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