Cool stuff – Timico datacentre vids

Some pretty cool vids showing off our datacentre. Also pretty cool landing page. Come and visit. Nuff said.

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4 thoughts on “Nuisance calls

  1. Somerset says:

    There are an increasing number of calls to private numbers that arrive despite the number being ex-directory and TPS registered. These are from companies claiming to sell carbon credits, fine wine, mis-sold insurance, wall and loft insulation, surveys and rare earth metal markets.

    The first survey question is often ‘do you have satellite TV’, implying a call later from Sky.

    I’m currently in contact with an insulation company who have called several times. More later.

    ps the Information Commissioner is a waste of space to do anything about this.

  2. Trefor Davies tref says:

    I fear you are right Somerset.

  3. pctech says:

    These calls are extremely annoying and the problem now is that a lot of them appear to be coming from overseas or perhaps a VoIP service that routes in such a manner.

    It requires action by the network operators around the world (the likes of BT, AT&T and others) to work together to clamp down on these calls but let’s be honest its far more lucrative for them to turn a blind eye or sell customers services to block the calls.

    I now have a cordless phone with a number blocking facility and am starting to add numbers to it but I’d far rather not be disturbed by these scum on my days off.

  4. PhilT says:

    Legitimate businesses and entities could help here by getting their CLI presentation sorted out – for 3 weeks I had to answer Withheld calls (that I normally leave to the answer machine) because there was a possibility / probability they were the hospital calling about my wife !

    Similarly I have had “withheld” and “unavailable” calls from banks and credit card companies – if they look like a scammer how am I supposed to identify the real thing ?

    To my mind anyone calling on a business or professional basis should ensure their call presents a *geographic* caller ID that can be validated as theirs by a quick web search.

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