Vodafone GlobalNet C&W integration #LINX81

Just had an interesting talk from Matt Jansen of Vodafone GlobalNet. Matt was originally with AS1273, ie Cable and Wireless which has been acquired by Vodafone. The C&W brand has disappeared.

The interesting aspect of the talk was that Matt described the process of integrating the Vodafone and C&W networks. Voda and C&W have networks all over the world but the steps being taken are largely the same as those taken by Timico during the integration of our own acquisitions, albeit on a much smaller scale.

We are talking about rationalisation of existing pipes and suppliers, removal of duplicate services etc. Of course the savings that may be achieved by Vodafone are on a much bigger scale that Timico’s own efforts but the principle is the same.

Although the internet is driven by complex technology the high level principles are fairly simple and apply no matter the size of the network.

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2 thoughts on “A postcard from Newark

  1. Phil Veale says:

    I like that the hardware allows for this, on other phones I’m pretty sure you can only have one camera active at a time.

    If this can also be used for video, that’s an interesting feature, because I sometimes use my Galaxy Nexus as a car journey recorder (I have a very nice purpose made Samsung car mount for it), and sometimes it’s useful to have a recording of what the driver was doing, as well as what’s happening ahead of you)

  2. Trefor Davies Trefor Davies says:

    Sure as heck does work for video too. I tried it out on Steve Lalonde at breakfast on Tuesday morning. However I decided that the world was not ready for that video to be published:)

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