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+447456700496 – another accursed intrusive PPI text

I’m sure I’ve signed my mobile up with the Telephone Preference Service but I just got another sms from +447456700496:

“We have been trying to contact you regarding your PPI claim, we now have details of how much you are due, just reply POST and we will posts you a pack out”

Either they are lying or they know that I am due nothing whatsoever in which case you wonder why they would go to the effort of sending me a “pack”.

The power of the www suggests to me that this number is owned by Gladstone Brookes and looking at their website there is indeed a section to fill in to start your PPI miss-sold claim.

I do wonder what sort of individual runs this sort of operation. I also wonder whether, in the light of what I said re the TPS, there is any comeback against them for sending me a text. I will enquire & let you know.

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Have you been following the news today? It’s like the 2nd from Top headline after Syria.

the PPI call/SMS plague is worse than the original issue, in my view. I wonder if this isn’t indirectly funded by the banks (well, in a way, it undeniably is) as their revenge for being forced to pay out…

worse even than “we’ve been trying to contact you about *that accident* you had” ambulance chaser types.

07456 numbers are allocated to Hutchison 3G which as you may know trades as 3 UK. I would advise you contact 3 headquarters and ask for the relevent team.

As I understand 3 closed down 3 Business not too long ago, therefore this PPI company is misusing 3’s terms and conditions as they are using a personal account for business purposes.

Telephone numbers and Mobile numbers are not to be publicised for business purposes without consent of the operator including the placing of call girl cards in public telephone boxes.

Telecommunication companies have a role in dealing with telepests like these PPI companies and they just simply aren’t doing enough. Remember, such calls and messages are being sent through these telecommunication companies infrastructure and they just turn a blind eye.

Enjoy a call from CLI 06455541 at 1:09am. Do you get your TV from a dish or aerial?

Give the details to the Information Commissioner, 4 prosecutions in the last 18 months.

I’d suspect these companies would simply turn to PAYG SIMs if they are not doing so already so all the operator could do is disable the SIM.

I was missold PPI on a loan but I dealt directly with the company directly and received an amount plus interest from them, no third party required.

The companies jumped on the bandwagon as they know most Brits are too scared to take on large organisations such as banks.

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