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Google Chromecast has arrived at the Davies household in the UK

google chromecastI was so impressed with Terry Hughes’ review of the Google Chromecast that I decided I should get one meself. It arrived yesterday and I’ll be plugging it in later today.

I’m not much of a TV watcher but we’ll see how we get on. Let’s hope there are no cookery, DIY, self build etc programmes on to compete with the TV slot – we only have one TV which I know will seem strange to many of you.

Stay tuned 🙂

Trefor Davies

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3 replies on “Google Chromecast has arrived at the Davies household in the UK”

I was so impressed with a colleague’s one that I bought 2. They arrived just over a week ago.

Bitterly disappointed, really not very useful at all.

I now have 2 opened box but barely used Chromecasts for sale…

First hurdle – USA power adaptor. I have alternatives. Fairly sure our TV has a USB port. Second hurdle – I need to lift TV off the wall and have to wait for someone else to come home! 🙂

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