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O2 4G rollout schedule & EE 4G in Lincoln

4GI’ve been getting updates re the O2 4G rollout schedule.

29th August – London, Leeds, Bradford
27th September – Birmingham, Leicester, Nottingham, Sheffield, Coventry
17th October –  Liverpool
24th October- Glasgow
31st October – Manchester
19th November – Newcastle, Edinburgh, Huddersfield and Wetherby

I’m not sure how the logic works for this rollout. I can understand how networks go for the big metropolitan areas first to get the biggest bang for their early buck. How did Huddersfield and Wetherby slipped into this list? Either there is a little dice rolling going on or someone accidentally pushed the wrong button. Maybe some Telefonica director has a holiday home in Huddersfield? Plausible. Don’t diss the thought 🙂

I look forward to seeing my home town Lincoln on the list. It is very close to being announced by EE – there is a 4G signal in the city. I happen to know that one cell site is already up and running with two more in the pipeline. Watch this space.

Check out the O2 and Vodafone 4G test trip in London here.

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4 replies on “O2 4G rollout schedule & EE 4G in Lincoln”

But when will O2 fix their very odd voice quality issues? I can understand poor voice quality on 2G but on 3G no excuse. Vodafone voice quality on 2G is fine, neither Voda nor O2 support HD-Voice on 3G either which is poor. Three and EE both have very good voice quality on 2G and HD-Voice support on 3G. Of course 4G won’t change voice calls until somebody rolls out VoLTE, which then should be HD-Voice compatible.

I would just like to know when EE will allow UMA on their network, I loved it with Orange but when I upgraded they kinda forced me to EE for better speed and bandwidth but at work I get little signal so UMA worked a treat…

Huddersfield is actually quite densely populated. The swathe of conurbation from Huddersfield through Bradford to Leeds is probably quite cost-effective to light up with LTE…

Well Me! It seems you’re right. Wikipedia says Huddersfield had a population of 146,234 according to the 2001 census (needs updating mind you – the 2011 results must be out by now abdvit can only have gone up). Wetherby however only had 11,155 folk in the same year. Even if some people were on holiday at the time but are now back it still doesn’t put them up there:)

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