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LBM Direct Marketing up to their antics again – 08000641087

pirate flagFunny what data you can gather from search results. Google, GCHQ et al know everything. I can only tell you that LBM Direct Marketing must have a campaign going again.

I know this because visitor numbers to the blog post what I wrote on their pesky telemarketing activities have shot up. 883 visits in the last few days. My own little efforts at big data eh? (or words to that effect). The number of people searching for that term (08000641087) must be a small fraction of those who have been called.

I wonder who they are working for this time. Pests.

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Yesterday I had a nuisance call from a company selling nuisance call blockers. I asked why they were calling me despite being on the TPS list. ‘TPS is only 60% effective’??? ‘People in your area have problems with nuisance calls’???

Reported to ICO.

We have at Metronet developed a SIP Trunk specifically aimed at call centre business’ who use predicative dialer / progressive dialers etc to automate calls based on bulk data they buy in. We guarantee none of their calls will be made to TPS registered numbers. This is great peace of mind as the client does not need to sanity check any of their data or buy TPS checked data and they are Ofcom compliant instantly! All of this is done real time on live calls, the call hits our network and we can check if the number they are calling is a TPS registered number, if it is we do not route it… all done in a nano-second.. 🙂

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