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Sometimes it’s best to just hit reset

Toward the end of January I got a notification that a firmware update was available for my Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 so I went ahead and applied it.

Now my years of supporting PCs has taught me that when upgrading an OS its sometimes best to do a clean install, equally, if you have a corrupt download it’s best to delete the file before attempting to download it again.

Why I was under the illusion this didn’t apply to smartphones I don’t know.Since applying the update I’ve had quite a few crashes of applications and Android processes such as System UI and  just general sluggishness.

I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling applications and clearing caches but to no avail.

Anyway this morning the phone just completely froze so I ended up pulling the battery.

I’ve held off a factory reset because of having to put stuff like the home Wi-Fi passphrase back in but I decided to just go ahead and do a reset and hey presto its working like new again, in fact the touchscreen appears even more responsive than when it was new.

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Just reaffirms my belief that phones are increasingly going to become hardware platforms that we use to install our preferred software. The fact that your factory rest was trouble free underlines this. We will play with software loads without worrying about things going wrong.


While I wouldn’t go back to a basic phone now and am used to the touch screen I don’t think I’d want to give up my desktop machine to be honest and to use that phrase you seem to use quite a bit I sincerely hope they don’t be don’t become as rare as rocking horse poo else I’ll have to build my own with a server motherboard, OTT CPU and fans that would make a jet engine seem quiet.

A few weeks ago I took out my 7 year old Nikon DSLR to take some pictures of the back garden before we had some trees cut down and for 10 seconds found myself wondering why it wouldn’t respond when I tapped on the screen, then I remembered you had to use ye old hardware controls.

Still a superb camera though.

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