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Internet routing pedestrian style – OSPPF

I walk to work. Takes me half an hour, give or take. Doesn’t seem to matter which route, in the great scheme of things. Depends whether I dawdle in shop windows or not.

I like to vary my way in. This morning I had decided to take the shortest route. It is mostly busy main road, down Lindum Hill if you know Lincoln, and is certainly the noisiest route but it is probably the easiest and certainly the most direct, Google recommended way to go.

This morning I got to the traffic lights at the Peacock Pub – you know, the junction of Greetwell Gate and the A15. Up until then it was all plain sailing.  I managed to cross the road before getting to the lights whilst the traffic was queuing on red. This saved me time because the lights will have changed by the time I got to  them and I’d have had to wait.

When I got to the lights  they were unfavourable anyway and I still had to wait. My brain took the decision to turn right and head a different way down the hill, past the cathedral. There was no debate involved. I just carried on walking but in a different direction to avoid the delay. As if it was preprogrammed.

It may have been that it would have still been quicker to wait but there was no way of telling. I didn’t have a forward view on the traffic management.

As I got to the high street I carried on until I’d passed the High Bridge Cafe. This cafe, as you might have guessed sits astride a bridge over the river Witham. By taking that route I avoided another set of lights which hold me up more often than not.

I walk along the river bank, under the next bridge carrying the road that I’d have had to negotiate, along the side of the Brayford Pool and in to the office. I did have to wait a few minutes at the level crossing whilst two trains passed. The trains are given priority. They are putting in a pedestrian bridge but for the moment it’s an occasional nuisance.

I arrived at my destination. Took 35 minutes today because of the level crossing.

walk to workThe publication of this map does pose a question in regard of privacy. You now know where I live and where I work.

Read this post about how privacy is a thing of the past. There is no hiding, from the Spanish Inquisition (that joke really is a thing of the past).

OSPPF? Open Shortest Pedestrian Path First.

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