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One kiss or two kisses – mwa or mwa mwa?

treforWas at the Exec Dinner on Tuesday night. Great time, as usual. If you’ve never been you want to think about coming.

We had one female attendee, Sally Fuller who is Director of Products at KCOM and a top industry person. Now when I meet a woman for the first time I usually shake their hand but if I’ve met them a few times and am starting to get to know them it’s usually a peck on the cheek.

The problem is sometimes a girl will expect one peck but sometimes two – one on each cheek. Being from the shires I’m not totally sure of the etiquette here. It doesn’t seem to be based on how well you know them. It might be a north south thing1.

Readers of this blog would probably like to know the answer. It’s been quite some time since some engineers have even seen a girl. I’m not counting the one that works at the kebab shop. As they work their way up the technical ladder and perhaps one day even make it to an Exec Dinner the aspiring engineer will need to larn.

Help 🙂

1 actually in some parts of the north it’s just a full on smack on the lips – ya southern woossies :))

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It’s one, two or three depending on nationality of the recipient. English or American it’s usually one. French or French Canadian is two. Pretty well everywhere else is three.

Thanks Nigel but I have to say that I have often had two kisses presented to be by English ladies. I was going to say two cheeks then but realised that that could have unintended consequences.

In my experience, one on each cheek is becoming much more common. However, if you have not shaved or showered, then I’d rather you didn’t do either :o)

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