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Wrong spellins becasue I type hte words in too quickly

trefor_250Much of my work dconversations happen vi instant messaging. Becasue I tyoe very quickly I often make stanfdard typographical mistake htat arent corrected by  spellschedker. Unless the typeo is totally outrageous I’vre got to teh point o not bother ing to coerect the mistake.

This might not be good practive but ordinarliy I am talkign to some one I know wekk. If it was a business email I’d take more carre but don’t bother for IM.

This is an interesting woindow opn the movement of language. In one sense as long as the person you are talking to can understand whayt you are saying why should it matter. I’m not suggesting I am a fan of this but clearly a am a proponent:)

I suspect that the probelm is made worse using hte Chromebook becasue hte keyboard is slightly smaller than the one I’ve spent years using so I often hit hte worng keys by mistake. It’s probably too late to change me now 🙂

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