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The yellow flower

yellow flowerIt’s a yellow flower at the weekend. The green leaves around it look quite manky but the flower shines through. I’m ashamed to admit that I have no idea what make of flower it is. What brand. Wouldn’t surprise me if companies try to register flower names as brands.

If I saw a rose I could name that. Tulips and daffodils I can also identify. Otherwise I begin to struggle. I’m ok with grass. I quite like grass although our lawn needs some seeing to. It’s not worth the effort as it gets hammered all year round by kids.

I quite like mowing the lawn in the summer followed by lighting the barbecue and cracking open a tin or two. It’s not often the weather is good enough for us to sit out to eat but the conservatory is fine. We have a nice conservatory opening out onto the back garden and the table will seat ten or twelve people if we open out the leaves so it’s a good place for a relaxing Sunday barbecue that lasts all afternoon.

We also have a couple of gazebos that can come in handy both when there is a threat of rain and conversely it is too sunny. Anyway hope you enjoyed the picture of the flower. It’s the weekend. Make it a lazy one 🙂

PS if anyone has a favourite flower do let us know:)

Trefor Davies

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There is nothing more rewarding than watching the fruits of our labour bloom and grow into something quite remarkable be it fruit, flower, vegetable or our children. The shrivelled leaves that have probably got a few slug holes in them belong to the beautiful pansy. A beautiful ray of sunshine that tells us spring/summer is around the corner. I adore flowers, they have all got a unique ‘something’ about them, one of my favourites has got to be the freesia with its scent that fills a room with wonderous aromas of happiness. What a great ‘lazy Sunday’ topic. Thanks for sharing x

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