Poignant phonebox photo

There is something about a photo of a phonebox taken using a mobile phone camera. It’s almost gloating. An icon of the past captured by the technology that rendered it obsolete. There should be an air of dereliction about the picture. Sadness. There isn’t. I’m smiling ¬†though the photo is not helped by the fact that it’s a cloudy day.

I may have asked this one before but it’s worth asking again: when did you last use a phonebox?

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  1. Is that Peel or Port Erin? Can you dive down and take a pic in Port St Mary for me?! Childhood memories and all that – it’s where the family endeavoured to teach me to speak Manx…..

  2. Peel. Don’t think we will be going to Port na Murra this trip but if we do I’ll take a pic (not sure about the spelin there btw)

  3. I think I last used a BT public payphone in 2002 which would be the last year I was at university as it was cheaper to call home with a third party charge card.

  4. Think it must have been when I was a kid and called my grandparents when we were on holiday on the Isle of Wight in 1989 and it was one of the old red phone boxes too which I think are so much nicer than the modern ones.

    We’ve always had a landline at home and I’m not a talkative person so didn’t use the phone that much until I started work.

    Of course like the world + dog I have a mobile now.

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